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To students enrolled in middle school moved to suburb remote num

According to the Australian new network reports, Australia illawara region (Illawarra) high school now has a growing number of overseas students studying, Chinese students Yang Jiayi (Jiayi Yang Nike Shoes, transliteration) and Pan Wenkang (Wenkang Pan, transliteration) is one of the two.
The two 16 year old Chinese boy in December last year came to Australia in Wallachia Wang (Warrawong) () reinforcement learning center, the beginning of this semester in Maputo (Dapto) high school 10 grades, became the school's first students studying at their own expense.
And the other 2489 in the NSW public high school students who are studying, Jia-yi Yang and Pan Wenkang need to NSW Department of education to pay a huge cost, but they would get the costs of the 1/3 school.
Specifically, primary school tuition fees for 9500 yuan per year, Grade 7 to grade 10 of the tuition fees for 11500 yuan per year Nike Shoes, the 11 grade and 12 grade graduation examination for secondary students tuition fees for 13000 yuan per year.
DAPP supporting high school principal Fitzsimmons (Andrew FitzSimons) said, he has used a portion of the tuition hired a tutor to help the school, 5 students adapt to life in australia.He points out, to recruit foreign students can not only improve the school economic source, but also can enrich the campus cultural diversity.
There are a total of 24 students in the illawara area secondary schools, there are thousands of people in Sydney.Yang and Pan Wenkang are going to Jiayi in Maputo after graduating from high school to lie in Longgang (Wollongong) or Sydney university.
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Kung Fu Madden listed Q bestows favor on big happy dipper official website - Tencent game fashion channel UP life

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... A change of the ╋ love the Shenzhou Three Kingdoms - facekoo

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4 gunmen kidnapped raped his girlfriend.

Reporter Jiang Rongyi correspondent Lake penalty report from our correspondent management drug business on the South (a pseudonym), did not expect, there will be to buy drugs as kidnap him, his girlfriend also suffers the assault.
Yesterday, the court of First Instance judgement of Xiamen lake, the kidnapper Lin Mouming guilty of kidnapping, rape, crimes and sentenced to 16 and a half years imprisonment and execution, 3 other associates were sentenced to 10 and a half years to 11 years.
Lin Mouming usually idle about Anxi.In August 21st last night, Lin Mouming revealed he played with his friends, understanding Xiamen's Nam, is short and small, is selling drugs, can he get kidnapped for ransom, the 3 people such as Lin Mouming fit in easily with.
The very next day, Lin Mouming and others will be rented a car Moncler Outlet, take the rope, tape, headed for Xiamen.Received the goods phone, Anand with girlfriend to Fang Lake railway bridge.Results the money did not get, Anand and his girlfriend was staked on the train, to a Anxi quarry held.
Because have not found the money, Lin Mouming and others on the south a beaten.Anand was forced to tell the temporary office has two bank cards, Cary has on million yuan deposit, can make friend Xiao Zhang money as ransom.
Lin Mouming originally intended to let Sally will my identity card and bank card, via the bus for shipment to Nanan, but the station can send a card.Lin Mouming simply tell Xiao Zhang, called Anand was kidnapped, take a bank card fetch money to Anxi.
Seeing this, Zhang decided to call the police, and the police in Xiamen under the arrangement, with the bank card to Anxi.During this period, Lin Mouming was out of evil thought, be associates branch opened, the Anand and his girlfriend held separately, the rape of a girl.
For the safety of hostages are considered, Sally and Lin Mouming et al., Xiamen police have taken the tracking strategy, did not implement the arrest.Lin Mouming et al have bank card password several times Moncler Outlet, due to incorrect results, a bank card has been swallowed, another Cary only 200 yuan.
Afterwards, Lin Mouming let Zhang back up 1.5 Wan Yuanlai foreclosure, more than a day plus 5000 yuan, give my parents a call, so together they also collect the ransom, "3 days without your money threatened to kill".
Find out the hostages were being held the position after the 24 day, evening, Xiao Zhang with cash of about Lin Mouming and others, and by the Xiamen, Anxi police force, captured the kidnappers and hostage rescue.
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Biography of Jay Chou June and Kun Ling Guam engagement female

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Housing provident fund use buy a house pay rent the property can

Recently ,Shanghai city housing provident fund management committee issued a Shanghai city low income family economic difficulties workers from the housing accumulation fund to pay property services try out method .
This means ,the provident fund and a application of the channel .However ,from the part of the provident fund management center consulting ,real estate intermediary companies and a number of owners of the results, there are still many people did not know the policy .
Not only that ,for some long implementation of the provident fund policy ,a lot of people who are not known to benefit .For this, this print is special engineered this housing provident fund use inventory ,hoping to give the user some useful tips for provident fund .
The mention of fund use ,most people will think of loans to buy a house .In fact ,besides ,and provident fund these years has introduced policies, also has several extraction purposes .
If they meet the relevant policy makers can also be extracted provident fund account balances ,to pay property costs ,rental housing rent and other daily living expenses .In addition ,it failed to use provident fund loans to property buyers ,the birth certificate issued within 6 months ,can also extract part of the provident fund balance ,to buy a house after the economic tension .
Use a :from the provident fund to pay property expenses key points: family per capita monthly income below 1450 yuans policy memoir :according to Shanghai low income family economic difficulties workers from the housing accumulation fund to pay property services pilot approach (hereinafter referred to as the pilot scheme ) ,since May 1st this year ,and the purchase of owner-occupied public property rights protection housing ( housing ) ,or living in the city of private housing ,and monthly income below ( including) the city when the annual minimum monthly wage of worker family economic difficulties ,the fund can be extracted to pay property fees .
This Monday ,the author consulted with multiple regional real estate trading center ,individual center connection to policy rules didn understand .In addition ,the author also asked several real estate intermediary companies ,the results show ,recent concerns about the policies of the owners scanty .
No landlord to our consultation this policy ,the reason may be because they do not know introduced the policy .Secondly Moncler Women Jackets,the policy is not consistent with the extraction conditions of coverage ,fewer people .
In third ,can be extracted from the amount of relatively not much, failed to induce the landlord interest .Analysis of the persons concerned .According to the Songjiang District provident fund management center relevant source ,in 2012 the minimum monthly wage standard is 1450 yuan .
Family income below the digital family are eligible to be extracted by applying fund to pay property costs .In addition ,according to the pilot scheme ,in line with the income threshold based on ,withdraw the housing accumulation fund to pay property services must also meet the following conditions :unused housing provident fund or have used the housing provident fund loans but have closed ;extraction housing accumulation fund to pay property services housing should be recognized by the government of common property right protection housing ( housing ) or having the title of owner-occupied housing .
For .How applicants can be twice a year to purchase or the location of the housing accumulation fund management district ,County Department to apply for ,and provide relevant materials of proof .
Monthly can be extracted from the housing provident fund amount shall not exceed the actual need to pay property services 50%.Extraction of housing provident fund for the payment of housing property services on the principle of using transfer .
This policy intention is to alleviate the low-income family economic difficulties .However ,consistent with the standard of income family most housing age old ,small area ,each month fee itself is not much, can be extracted from the provident fund amount less .
Concerned personage expresses .Use two : the purchase of owner-occupied housing ownership of key point :no housing provident fund loans policy :the memoir of a provident fund extraction according to the relevant policies and regulations ,the purchase of owner-occupied housing ownership of personal and spouse ,lineal relatives and members of the household ,and no housing provident fund loans ,housing provident fund loans without extraction agent ,can go to the corresponding housing provident fund business outlets for extraction .
Mr. Chen 2011 first half of the yearto individuals to buy a set of second-hand housing .At the time of his provident fund account balance is less, can borrow money only 100000 yuan, for housing loans is an utterly inadequate measure ,so he chose the purely commercial loans ,the repayment amount of nearly 7000 yuan ,plus he raises the first payment of a sum of money borrowed from relatives ,the pressure is quite big .
Soon, Mr. Chen married .Wedding ,honeymoon travel expenses to just buy a house near him feel even more difficult .Husband and wife discuss, decided to put the two provident fund account money extracted slowly urgently .
Part of the property buyers because of some reasons, the purchase took a pure commercial loans form .Provident fund account balance is in the idle state .For such people ,the policy for their provident fund provides a play .
Stakeholders analysis .However ,from the author asked many property buyers look at the results, the understanding of this policy are not many people .According to the Songjiang District provident fund management center relevant sources ,extraction fund to buy ownership of owner-occupied housing using only no provident fund loans to property buyers .
Property buyers in the purchase of the property of the best real estate certificate issued within 6 months for the extraction of the application .The purchase of commercial housing ,second-hand housing applicants to provide purchase contracts ,purchase invoices ( purchase of second-hand housing can not provide invoices ,required to provide certain clearance certificates ) ,the purchase of housing real estate ( the date of certification within six months ) ,extracted from human and building human relations proof material .
If the purchase of ownership since live real estate license issuance date six months without extraction of housing provident fund ,but has justified reasons ,can be related to the provident fund management center business outlets for the extraction of reconsideration ,also can apply for provident fund extraction operations .
Notably ,the amount of extraction is restricted to produce certificate issued on the same day in the provident fund account balances ,then deposit the amount not extracted in this manner ,but for washed owing on the loan business ,to offset the housing commercial loan .
Use three :extraction accumulation fund to pay rent key points: no more than rent reduction 20% of family incomethe policy memoir :according to a 2010 Septemberreleased Shanghai city worker extraction housing accumulation fund payment of housing rental fees implementation measures ,the city, the low rent housing ,public rental housing and economic applicable rental housing ,and housing on the rental costs beyond family monthly salary is 20%;the city commercial housing ,and housing on the leasing costs beyond the family monthly income 20%,can apply for the extraction of housing provident fund accounts within the storage balance ,pay for housing rental fees .
The employee can apply for each quarter of a quarterly or multiples ( no more than 12 months) to apply for a housing provident funds .Through the leasing market Moncler Women Jackets, the city of housing ,a month can extract housing provident fund amount may not exceed the rental housing rental costs deducted monthly family monthly income 20%variance components, and monthly maximum extractable amount may not exceed 1000 yuan( including 1000 yuan) .
According to a rich home market research center on April lease transactions hot region research shows ,not through the extraction accumulation fund to pay rent turnover case .Shanghai University of Songjiang plate regional manager Zhu Wangjun also said :the use of provident fund housing tenant ,up to now I have not met .
For tenants to enjoy the extensive group policy reasons, analysis of the persons concerned ,the introduction of the policy for a long time ,but just graduated college students new to Shanghai or office workers to this policy might not understand .
In addition ,for the extraction accumulation fund to pay rent need to provide payment vouchers ,but mostly because the landlord to the lease contract to the trading center for the record and not issued invoices ,also led to the tenant does not have the qualification of extraction .
If the tenant to landlord for the payment of rental housing tax invoice ,the problem can be solved .But the problem is ,according to the policy ,some tenants each month can apply for to deduct rental provident fund for hundreds of yuan, deduction for the landlord to pay off the lease tax, the policy of attraction is smaller .
Analysis of the industry .The people at the same time ,for later use provident fund loans to buy a house to the buyers, in order to ensure the future can be credited to the maximum amount ,the current should be used provident fund .
And in a short time without the ability to purchase ,or not going to Shanghai grounded new Shanghai people, by idle fund to offset the rent is worth considering . link buy economy applicable housing from the housing accumulation fund paid the purchase of affordable housing more than 20% of total price limit and do not apply for housing accumulation fund loan ,can to the city provident fund center for the extraction and in line with the conditions of the common extraction of housing provident fund accounts within the storage balance ,pay for the economic application of the housing purchase .
No housing provident fund loans and have purchased affordable real estate ,can to the city provident fund center for the extraction and in line with the conditions of the common extraction of housing provident fund accounts within the storage balance .
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MSN Movies Movie Listings, Showtimes, Movie Reviews, Trailers, Movie Clips, DVD and More

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I'm a college student majoring in accounting (i know Dr Dre Beat, it can be boring, but i actually like it) although i'm schooling for the past 5 years at least Dr Dre Beat, and i still don't know when i'm gonna graduate. I was born in Ukraine, but i lived over 17 years in Israel and now i'm in the US.
I love reading and spend most of my time with my laptop or with my iPod and i can't live without any of the two. Source by the beats by dre
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The driver was killed in the hotel owner was sentenced to compensation

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